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We Offer Builder's Risk / Dwelling Under Construction Policies

Get home insurance in Okemos, MI & Ingham County

Insurance for dwellings under construction, also known as builder’s risk insurance, covers your home while it’s being built or renovated. These policies cover theft or vandalism during the construction process, and the building equipment or materials used. Typically, when the dwelling is complete, the policy is converted to a regular homeowners policy.

If you need builder’s risk insurance in Okemos, MI & Ingham County, count on Lebuda Totte Bray Insurance Agency.

3 reasons to get dwelling under construction / builders risk policy

Lebuda Totte Bray Insurance Agency is here to answer your home insurance questions. Here are three situations that call for builder’s risk insurance:

  • You bought a home, but can’t move in yet.
  • You bought a building as an investment, and you’re renovating it.
  • You’re building a new home from the ground up.

Make sure your home is covered until you can move in or sell it. Get builder’s risk insurance for your home in Okemos, MI & Ingham County today.